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Blue Light and Glare Solutions

There are now many ways to get eyeglasses that will address glare and HEV/Blue light. Lens companies have been busy developing and finally releasing lenses that address blue light and glare in all kinds of situations. There are 3 ways to address these issues, Lens tints, Anti-reflective Coatings (AR) and Special Lens Materials like the new filters built into some lenses and Transitions lenses.

LENS TINTS - Lens tints filter light. They filter light in different ways depending on the color, the color depth and the dye that is used. We offer our Mojo Digital Progressives with pink and blue tints as well as our array of innovative Mojo BluBlock Tints. Mojo BluBlock Tints are specially designed to filter blue light and allow beneficial light through to your eyes. There are many colors. Some address insomnia (with the inclusion of synthetic melanin) and some address severe photophobia. Learn about our tints.


AR COATINGS - AR coatings are designed to cut reflected glare. They provide clearer vision and look nicer too. Certain AR coatings like Crizal Prevencia filter UV and reflect off blue light. Combining Crizal Prevencia with lens materials that have Smart Blue Filter or Blue Zero or Transitions Lenses can result in upwards of 100% UV/HEV Blue Light protection! Read about our AR coatings.

Crizal Prevencia video:

SPECIAL LENS MATERIALS - Some lens manufacturers today are coming out with lens materials that not only filter out UV light but HEV Blue Light as well (usually about 20%). Here at Mojo Optical we have the Varilux Comfort DRx progressive lenses that all have Smart Blue Filter built in. Some of our Shamir lens materials have Blue Zero built in. Read more about lens materials.


There are 4 different Transitions lenses that have varying features. Transitions VII (Signature) and Transitions EXTRActive are available with most of our lenses. Transitions Vantage is available on some and DriveWear on only a few.


Transitions has a great website where you can see quick demos of each lens type and even 360 degree viewing for each type. This can really help you in deciding which Transition lens is right for you. Check it out here. Also see videos about Transitions and Blue Light  and about Blue Light

Other Transitions Videos

Transitions VII Signature Video:

Transitions Vantage Video:

Transitions EXTRActive video:

Transitions DriveWear video:

Transitions and Blue Light video:


Polarized lenses eliminate reflected glare off of flat surfaces like wet roads, water, and ice and snow. XperioUV Polarized lenses come in 6 colors either solid or gradient with optional mirror coatings.

XperioUV Polarized video: