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Eyeglasses Guide


Purchasing Guide - Specific Instructions for purchasing. Find your frame, add to cart. Find your Rx lenses, add to cart.

How to Select your Frame - We have tips on selecting a frame that fits your face and will look great on. You can also learn about different frame materials and styles.

How to Select your Lenses - Our focus is on providing lenses that offer superior vision and protection no matter what you need them for. We review lens types; single vision, bifocals, progressives, and work/occupational lenses. Also, there are many types of lens materials and lens coatings. Some new lens materials filter UV and HEV blue light. Some Anti-Reflective coatings reflect off HEV blue light and reduce glare. For indoor/outdoor wear there is a series of new Transitions lenses that address glare and HEV blue light for indoors, outdoors and driving. For detailed information and videos see:

  • Lens Materials - A breakdown of lens materials, new blue block features, lens thicknesses and advice on how to choose.
  • Blue Light and Glare Solutions - Our Anti-Reflective Coatings and the new Transitions series of lenses. Adding a AR coating will reduce glare. Transitions VII, Transitions EXTRActive, and Transitions Vantage all offer great solutions for alleviating glare and protection from HEV blue light. We also offer information about our proprietary Mojo BluBlock Lens Tints. 

Driving and Outdoor Lenses - Specifics about what lenses are best for outdoor activities.

Frame Try-On and Remote Measuring - You get to try your frames on and we get to get accurate fitting measurements.

Our Guarantee and Warranties

Reading Glasses Etc - Need prescription single vision lenses and don't want to pay a lot? Need reading glasses with blue light protection?

Shopping for eyeglasses online doesn't need to be difficult. Learn about the elements involved and then, as an informed consumer, you will get eyeglasses with natural vision.