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Frame Try-on and Remote Measuring

Our Digital lenses and Frame Try-on program is available to U.S Customers Only. This is because we need certain fitting measurements that require a picture of you wearing the frames. Shipping the frames to U.S. customers is affordable. Shipping frames back and forth internationally is not.

Some single vision lenses require a PD measurement only, and we can ship those to U.S and International customers. 

When you purchase eyeglasses from us you get 2 great benefits:

1. You get to try the frames on. Once you place your order for the frames and lenses we will send you the frames to try on. You can evaluate the size and style and if you approve, we can go to step 2.

2. Remote Measuring. We can obtain very accurate fitting measurements for the lenses remotely. Once you approve the frame you have a friend take a picture of you wearing the frame. (There are instructions included in the package.) You e-mail the picture to us and we will get the required fitting measurements for the lenses. These measurements will include your monocular PD and the fitting height for the lenses. Progressives, bifocals, and digital single vision lenses require a fitting height.

Once you approve the frame and we get the measurements you send the frames back to us with a pre-paid return label and we will start processing the lenses. By the time the frame is here the lenses will be ready to insert. Then we ship back to you.

Total turn-around from the order to when you get your finished glasses is about 2 weeks. If there is a delay of some kind, like a lab re-do, special processing, or frame back order, we will notify you right away. Our number 1 goal is to provide you with accurate and comfortable digital eyeglasses as soon as we can.  


What if I do not like the frame style? If for whatever reason you do not like the frame you can return it and we will send another style. If the frame is less than the original we will refund the difference. If it is more we will send you a link to pay the difference.

What if do not like the frame size? Same as above. When you shop for frames on our site it is important that you take the frame size/fit into account. Obviously, you want the glasses to fit your face. For advice on choosing the right frame size see How to Select Your Frame. Also, if the frame does not fit, you can send us a picture of you wearing them and we can suggest sizes or styles that will work for you.

Can I order more than one frame to try on? Yes. You can order up to 3 frames to try on but you must order one pair of lenses. We will refund you the frames you do not want.

How do you ship? All shipping is free and is via USPS Priority Mail which takes 1 to 3 work days. When you place your initial order we may need to order your frame shipped to us and then we ship out to you. From the order date you should receive the frame in about 1 week.

Are your Remote Measurements accurate? Yes, very. We tested several apps that are designed to obtain fitting measurements on line and found that they were not accurate in all cases. There are a lot of reasons for this but the bottom line is that by seeing an actual image of you wearing the actual frames allows us to get measurements like we were right in front of you with our traditional optical tools. We tested our process with our family and friends first and then expanded to volunteer beta testers. Accuracy is to 1/2mm. We are highly confident that you will be happy with the results.

What if I receive my finished eyeglasses and they don't work for me visually? We want your glasses to work perfectly for you. We guarantee that the Rx will be filled accurately. There are several considerations here that we would need to look at:

  • Are the frames fitted to your face properly?
  • Exactly what visual problems you are experiencing.
  • What other lens types you have been using versus what you are wearing now.
  • Are you using the specific lens type as intended, and others...

We will analyze your situation and offer advice either by phone or e-mail whichever is more convenient for you. Within 30 day of your receipt of the finished glasses we can exchange your eyeglasses for changes to the lens type, and/or doctor's Rx changes. Read about our Guarantee and Warranties.

Time Saving Tips:

Tip 1. Take your time finding the right frame style and size. See How to Select Your Frame.

Tip 2. Make sure that your prescription is current and all pertinent information is provided. Doctor's name and phone, exam date, Rx expiration date if any, your name. The prescription must be a copy/image of an actual prescription, not an invoice from a prior eyeglass purchase. If the prescription is lacking information we will contact you to ask that you provide it. See Your Prescription and PD

Tip 3. Select the appropriate lenses. All of our lenses are custom surfaced, mostly digital, made-to-order prescription lenses. Choose the lens type that is right for what you need it for. If you are used to wearing progressive lenses then opting for a lens like a bifocal probably won't work.

Tip 4. Single Vision Lenses. Most of our single vision lenses require a PD measurement only. If you do not know your PD we can get that remotely. If you know what frame you want and want to order it with regular single vision (Not Eyezen+ or Shamir Relax) we can make them up and ship them to you without the frame try-on which saves 3 or 4 days. International customers too!