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How To Select Your Lenses





It is really important that you choose a lens type that will work for your needs. Being an educated consumer will go a long way towards getting eyeglasses that work properly the first time. Take your time perusing the information below.


What Lens Type is Right For You?

iconsinglevision.pngSingle Vision Lenses - Distance, or Intermediate, or Up Close Vision

One field of vision, (or focal length) Distance only, or Intermediate (~arm's length), or up close for Reading (12-14 inches).

We offer a wide range of single vision lenses at  Prescription lenses in polycarbonate are only $10.00 and there are many affordable lens options that address blue light issues.

Our single vision lenses here at Mojo Optical address issues like high prescriptions with high index materials, special plus power lenses, and with various options like Transitions series, specialty AR coatings, and other lenses, that are not offered at ReadingGlassesEtc.

iconsinglevisionspecial.pngSpecial Single Vision Lenses - Distance Vision With A Difference

Distance vision lenses with a small bump of plus power at the bottom to help with heavy cell phone and tablet use. For early presbyopes and people that need only distance correction up suffer from eye strain when reading up close. Special single vision lenses: EYEZEN+ and SHAMIR RELAX

iconduobifocal.pngBifocal Lenses - Line Free and No Image Jump

Traditional bifocals have a line separating the distance (or computer) top area from the bottom reading area. The new Shamir Duo lenses eliminate the unsightly line and provides more natural vision without image jump.

iconcomp-work.pngProgressives for Computer/ Work Space/ Occupational

Progressive lenses designed for office and occupational use. These lenses work for heavy computer users in a office environment or people that need a range of vision at a limited distance with a very wide intermediate and reading field.

iconprog.pngDigital Progressive Lenses for Everyday Wear

Our line up of digital progressive lenses provide better vision throughout the lenses and have better features and lens options than you will find elsewhere. See everything better.

iconprogtint.pngDigital Progressive Lenses Everyday Wear with TINT

Our Mojo Digital progressive lenses with a selection of lens tint options including Mojo BluBlock Tints which address UV, Blue Light, Computer Vision Syndrome and Insomnia issues as well as cosmetic tints.

2. LENS MATERIALS - What lens material is best for you? About material thicknesses and special features.

3. BLUE LIGHT and GLARE SOLUTIONS - AR coatings, Blue block tints, cosmetic tints and special treatments.