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At Mojo Optical we offer a variety of great solutions for progressive and bifocal wearers that want optimal blue light protection. We offer a vast selection of single vision prescription options at

For information about lenses, including some videos, and purchasing see: HOW TO SELECT YOUR LENSES

dist-computerbifocal.pngBIFOCAL LENSES

For Everyday Wear - The Shamir Duo Line free bifocals. No unsightly line and no irritating image jump. They come in a wide variety of lens materials and options too including blue block solutions! Transitions and AR options. If the line isn't a problem we have the Mojo FT Bifocals. Choose 28mm or 35mm. Lens options include AR coatings or Mojo BluBlock Tints.

For Computer Use - Both of these can be ordered as Distance/Reading or Intermediate/Reading (computer bifocals)



For Everyday Wear - Digitally designed progressives that offer very wide fields of vision throughout. These lenses are new designs that not only offer superior vision but come in a very wide array of lens materials and options. For example: Varilux Comfort DRx has a built in blue light filter called Smart Blue Filter that protects from ~20% of high energy blue light. The Shamir InTouch lenses have a higher add placement which helps with heavy cell and tablet use. Our Mojo Digital lenses are available with our Mojo BluBlock Tints.

For Computer and Work - The Shamir Computer and the Shamir Workspace are specially designed for different tasks. The Computer lenses provides good vision at a distance of about 5 feet away and a very wide intermediate and reading zone for computer viewing. The Shamir Workspace lenses do basically the same but extend the viewing range to about 10 feet away for office use. Both these lenses are digitally designed and are useful for computer and office workers as well as anyone that works at tasks in those ranges, mechanics, artists,

For Outdoors and Driving - Transitions DriveWear, BlueTech Outdoors, and Xperio Polarized